Remove or Unassign a Detail from Irrigation Equipment
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Remove or Unassign a Detail from Irrigation Equipment


You have a detail associated with a particular piece of irrigation equipment, and you want to remove it.





Once a detail is assigned to any equipment, the system holds onto that location so it can auto-update and track it throughout the project. As a result, removing a detail from irrigation equipment requires a few extra steps.


1. Open the Detail Manager:


F/X Details ribbon, Detail Manager flyout




F/X Details menu, Detail Manager option

Detail Manager toolbar






Details toolbar




or type FX_DetailManager in the Command line




2. Delete the detail from your project by highlighting it and clicking Delete.




3. You'll be asked whether you want to remove the detail and all its references from the project.


Click Yes.




The detail will be removed from its assignment to the equipment.

Still need to use the detail in your project? You can add it back if necessary.

Last modified on Dec 01, 2021


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