High Flow (GPM) Calculated in Your Drip Valves
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High Flow (GPM) Calculated in Your Drip Valves


Your drip valves are showing an excessively high flow rate (GPM).



We encountered a bug (which we've since corrected) that was causing this issue when our Replace feature was used on dripline. Essentially, your dripline equipment is missing the row spacing and is therefore miscalculating the flows for each area. You may still need to repair the affected equipment.




1. Delete or replace the equipment from the Irrigation Manager.



2. Add the equipment back exactly how you added it originally.


3. You should now see the emitter and row spacings as designed.


4. Resize your laterals, then resize your mainline. Your equipment will populate with the proper flows.

Last modified on Mar 23, 2018


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