That Equipment is Already in the Project (Adding Equipment to a Project)
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That Equipment is Already in the Project (Adding Equipment to a Project)


You received the following message when attempting to add irrigation equipment, such as a head or bubbler, to a project:

That equipment is already in the project.



The system data is using the same identifier code for all models of the type of equipment you're trying to add.



In general, Irrigation F/X won't let you add more than one model of the same type of equipment. If you receive this error, let us know via a technical support ticket, and we can verify that the data is correct on our end.


However, even if our equipment data is correct, you may need multiple models of the same equipment to meet the specific needs of your irrigation plan. For example, you may want to add two versions of the same bubbler: one that will dispense potable water and another that will dispense non-potable water. In this case, you can use a simple workaround:


1. Determine which model of that type of equipment is already in your project.


2. Add the same model to your project at a different size.


3. Once the new equipment size is in your project, change the model name and description to suit your needs.

Last modified on May 27, 2022


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