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System Has No Flow Zones. Please Size the Mainline to Generate Flow Zone (Running a Runtime Schedule)


When running a Runtime Schedule, you received the following message when trying to select a station type:

System has no flow zones. Please size the mainline to generate flow zone.





This issue can occur because:

  • You simply need to size your mainline, or
  • You have multiple points of connection (POCs) piped with the same mainline, or separate mainlines and POCs in the same drawing, and the station type you clicked on is not connected to the POC that was active when you attempted to run the Runtime Schedule.






Step 1: Did you size the mainline?

Make sure you've sized your mainline. If not, follow our steps to size the mainline.


Try running a Runtime Schedule again and selecting the same station you originally selected. If you don't get the System has no flow zones message, you've resolved the issue.


Still getting the "System has no flow zones" message? Move on to the next step.




Step 2: Further troubleshooting


Run another Runtime Schedule, but this time select the option to Set stations individually (if this option is available).


You should now be able to see which stations go with which POC, making it easy to only click on the stations you need for the specific POC report you are running.


If so, you should be able to assign the appropriate station information accordingly and run your schedule.




But what if the Set stations individually option is grayed out?


If this option is grayed out, it means your drawing includes:

  • Valves that are not called out, and/or
  • Pipe caps




Check your drawing for the following items:



If your drawing includes valves that need to be called out, label them by placing valve callouts where needed.





Does your drawing include pipe caps? If so, here's what to do:


1. Open our Edit Equipment tool:


F/X Irrigation ribbon, Edit Equipment button




Irrigation Piping toolbar

F/X Irrigation menu, Edit Equipment option



or type EquipInfo in the Command line




2. Click a cap in your drawing.




3. Click the thumbnail image of the cap symbol in the Equipment Info dialog box.




4. Select the CAP-PIPE-ID symbol in the dialog box that opens, then click OK.




5. Type ATTSYNC in the Command line and press Enter.




6. Click the existing cap in your drawing. The changes will be applied to the cap symbol, as pictured to the left.




7. Double-click the symbol, and fill out the identifier attribute with the appropriate informormation about the cap.






Step 3: Run another Runtime Schedule.


Once you've accounted for all valves and caps as described in Step 2, run another Runtime schedule. You should now be able to select the Set stations individually option.

Last modified on Jun 20, 2019


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