Customize the Model Name for Equipment
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Customize the Model Name for Equipment


You want to edit and customize the model name for a particular piece of equipment. For example, you might want to specify that a head in your project is mounted on a riser.



If only a few instances of a particular equipment model require customization, we recommend showing this information with either a note or a manual symbol adjustment. 


For example, if the vast majority of heads will be popups, and just a few will be on risers, you can easily add a note saying so, or provide some sort of visual indication of the heads that will be on risers.


However, because this type of change can affect the model number and other information such as cost estimates, it may be a good idea to include a separate model instead. You can have two models of "turf" spray, and up to four models of "shrub" spray. So for example, you can have Turf as a popup, Shrub 1 as a hi-pop, and Shrub 2 as a fixed riser.

Last modified on Mar 12, 2018


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