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Irrigation Schedule Does Not Show All Your Equipment


The Irrigation Schedule does not show all your equipment. (Some of your equipment is missing from the Irrigation Schedule).




For example, your schedule may be showing a few valves and heads but no pipe sleeves or controllers, even though you've placed these items in your drawing.





This issue is common in irrigation drawings that include multiple points of connection (POCs). If you selected one of the POCs when placing your Irrigation Schedule, the schedule will not include sleeves, controllers, or anything else that is not physically connected to the pipe.

If you didn't select a POC when placing your Irrigation Schedule, your project might not include the proper data for equipment that has been placed in your drawing – typically the result of using the same project for different designs, and then making alterations to the equipment list in the Irrigation Manager. If this is the case, verify that all the equipment you are using in your drawing is still listed in the Irrigation Manager. In the future, make sure to start a new Land F/X project for every new job.

Error accessing equipment data in the project

Are you seeing this error message? If so, see our steps for fixing the Error Accessing Equipment Data in the Project.





If you want to use the Irrigation Schedule to catalog items not connected to the pipe, you have a couple of simple options:


About Work Areas

We recommend using our Work Areas tool to create a "drawing within a drawing" around any area of your plan you want to isolate in a schedule.






In this example, we've drawn a Work Area around a POC and all equipment and pipes that are connected to it.




In any drawing that contains one or more Work Areas, the Irrigation Schedule tool will prompt you to Select POC or Work Area. Rather than selecting the POC, select the border of the Work Area you've drawn around it.




The resulting schedule will include controllers, pipe sleeves, and anything other irrigation components within the Work Area that aren't connected to the pipe.

Work Areas provide a quick and easy way to place an Irrigation Schedule that's limited to, for example:

  • A specific portion or phase of the project
  • Off-site and on-site improvement
  • Scope-of-work requirements (for example, certain areas designated as containing tenant improvements, other areas under a general contract, etc.)
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