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Unknown Irrigation Equipment Is Appearing on the Schedule, and I'm Not Sure Why/Where It Is


Your Irrigation Schedule seems to include miscellaneous irrigation equipment that you don't see in your drawing (for example: unsized sleeves), and you want to find – and possible delete or move – that equipment.



This issue can occur when pipe is moved to a different layer.



First, we recommend attempting to locate the pipe by turning on and thawing (unfreezing) all layers. See our instructions for unfreezing/thawing a CAD layer.


If unfreezing the layers doesn't help, you'll need to create a Work Area and then run the schedule. You can move the Work Area area around, isolating different areas to attempt to track down the pipe segments.


You can also address this issue by using our Verify Mainline tool. For example, Verify Mainline identifies and highlights valves that are not called out. In this case, the tool will first highlight valves that haven't had their lateral lines sized. Therefore, you will need to correct this issue before you can receive a notification about the callouts.


Another technique you can use is to place another similar piece of equipment and then use our Highlight Station tool on it. When you highlight something that is not yet piped, it will highlight all instances of that item in the drawing. So in this fashion, you can locate equipment that is not called out.

Last modified on Mar 12, 2018


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