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Irrigation Symbols Showing Off Center in Schedule


Your irrigation symbols are appearing off center in the Irrigation Schedule.



The symbols that are showing up incorrectly may have incorrect insertion points in their source block files. 



1. In your Landfx/Blocks/Graphics/Irrigation/Schedule_Symbols folder, open the source file of any schedule symbol that is showing off center.


2. Select all content in the source file, and move it to 0,0. Take care to move from the center of the content in the source file. Save and close the source file.


3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each schedule symbol that's coming in off center.


4. Delete any schedules from your drawing, then type PRG in the Command line to purge out all schedule blocks.


5. Generate a new schedule. The system will automatically download the revised blocks, and everything should line up correctly.

Please let us know via a technical support ticket if you encounter this issue. We have about 2,000 total irrigation symbols, and it requires opening up each symbol's source block manually to check, so it's always very helpful when users let us know about issues like this one.

Last modified on Mar 27, 2018


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