Wire Lengths Are Blank in the Valve Schedule
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Wire Lengths Are Blank in the Valve Schedule


You placed a Valve Schedule in your irrigation plan, and the controller wire lengths are showing up blank.





To calculate wire length, the system starts from the controller and then goes to the nearest mainline. From there, it scans the mainline in both directions looking for the valve. Thus, if the mainline nearest to the controller doesn't lead in a path to the valve, the value will be blank in the schedule.


This issue can also occur when not all valves in your plan are called out.





1. Verify that the mainline closest to the controller is piped to the valve.


2. Verify that all valves in your plan are labeled with Valve Callouts.


Multiple POCs?

Are you experiencing this issue in a drawing that includes multiple points of connection (POCs)?


If so, the system is looking at the placement of the controller to the mainline of a specific POC. Once you have more than one POC and more than one controller, the system has a bit of a challenge.


You can address this issue in a design with multiple POCs by using our Work Area tool to place a separate Work Area around the entire branch of your system design that's connected to each POC.


You can then run a Valve Schedule, then pick each Work Area and place the schedule. You should then see the wire lengths calculated correctly.

Last modified on May 26, 2022


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