Circuit Zones Not Matching Valve Callout Flows (Circuiting Tool)
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Circuit Zones Not Matching Valve Callout Flows (Circuiting Tool)


You created zones using our Circuiting tool, and those zones are not matching the flow rates listed on your Valve Callouts.



This issue can occur because:

  • You haven't resized your lateral pipes after creating the zones, or
  • You have excess linework or objects in your drawing that are interfering with your zones, or
  • You've put a circuit zone around a set of heads, but the insertion point was within the wrong zone



1. If you haven't already, resize your lateral pipes so the valve callouts update to the most current flow connected to your zones.


If the zones are still not matching the flow rates shown on the Valve Callouts after you've resized the laterals, move on to the next step.


2. Follow our steps to Zoom to Extents.


3. Delete any necessary items outside the scope of your site.


4. Open our Highlight Station tool, then select each circuit zone to see which heads are included. Ensure that each head is included in the correct zone.


5. Recalculate your Circuit zones. Your zones should now match the flow rates in your Valve Callouts.

Last modified on May 27, 2022


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