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Use Custom Linetypes for Different Pipe Sizes (Lateral and Mainline)


You want to use custom linetypes for different pipe sizes in your irrigation design.





Land F/X uses individual layers for each pipe class used within your Pipe Data. You can assign the linetypes of your choice (even those outside our default linetypes) as needed to meet your desired output.




1. Use our Custom Line tool to create the different linetypes you want to use for your pipes.




2. Use our steps to edit layer information, then assign those linetypes to the pipe layers in your Preference Set.


How to assign a different linetype to a layer

Our pipe layer names have the following prefixes:

  • LI-PIPE-LTRL- (lateral pipe)
  • LI-PIPE_MAIN- (mainline pipe)




3. Use our Pipe Data tool to set one size of pipe per class (smallest to largest).


When you size your pipes in a drawing assigned to the Preference Set where you edited the pipe layers, those layers and linetypes will be assigned to each pipe size automatically.

Last modified on Sep 10, 2021

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