Wrong Irrigation Symbols Coming In – Drawing or Schedule
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Wrong Irrigation Symbols Coming In – Drawing or Schedule


When you place irrigation components, the wrong symbols seem to be coming into your drawing. You might also be seeing the incorrect symbols in your Irrigation Schedule, or the schedule symbols may be coming in at the incorrect location.



We changed our irrigation symbol names back in 2015. All of these symbol blocks now have an LAFX- prefix.


In addition, all blocks are now stored on the Cloud, meaning they download automatically when you select them. When they download, the symbols will have this LAFX- prefix in their filenames. For more information on our new Cloud-based blocks, see our Cloud-Based Blocks and Hatches documentation section.



The first step will be to figure out exactly which symbol you're trying to place. Unlike our other symbols, irrigation symbols placed in a drawing are actually a combination of two or more blocks (one block for the symbol itself, one block for the radius, etc.). As such, placed irrigation symbols are named based on the equipment they represent, rather than the original block file from which they derive.


For these reasons, you'll need to dig a little deeper to zero in on the block file you're trying to troubleshoot.


To test the symbol, first open a new drawing and start a fresh project. Add the component to the project, and place it into the drawing. Then run an Irrigation Schedule and place it in the drawing.


Next, explode the irrigation symbol and the schedule. (Select both the symbol and the Irrigation Schedule, type Explode in the Command line, and press Enter.)




With your blocks exploded, you can now select them and determine their correct filenames. Open the Properties palette by typing Properties in the Command line and pressing Enter.


When you select one of the blocks, you'll see its Name under Misc in the Properties palette. In the example below, the filename of the selected symbol (a schedule symbol, in this case) is LAFX-N6-04A.


Properties panel, Misc sectionshoring filename of block within exploded head




Schedule symbol source files in the path LandFX/Blocks/Graphics/Irrigation/schedule_symbols

You can now locate and open the original block file in the LandFX folder in order to troubleshoot the block. As a schedule symbol, our selected block will be located in the folder LandFX/Blocks/Graphics/Irrigation/schedule_symbols. Once we locate our file, we can open it and troubleshoot it for details such as the correct insertion point, if necessary.




If the symbol you've tried to place is one of the default Land F/X blocks, but it doesn't have the LAFX- prefix, you can simply delete it from the system in order to download the block with the correct filename.




Delete and purge the symbol from your drawing, and delete the component from your project. Then delete the symbol's block file from the LandFX folder. Back in CAD, open the Irrigation Manager and add the component back to your project. The symbol with the LAFX- prefix will download automatically to the correct location in your LandFX folder.

If you have added your own custom symbols to the Land F/X folder, do not delete those files. If you have made changes to any of the default Land F/X blocks, make sure those files are saved under new names to avoid replacing them with the automatic downloads.

Last modified on Thursday, 26 May 2022


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