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Placing Area For Dripline: Hatch Coming In Solid Instead of With the Appropriate Drip Pattern


When placing an Area For Dripline, you're noticing that the dripline hatch is solid rather than taking on the pattern assigned to that area.





We'll typically see this issue because the AutoCAD system variable HPMAXAREAS is set too high. (The default setting is 100, but it can be set as high as 10,000,000.) In this case, the hatch patterns will turn solid when they're too far apart. More information about the HPMAXAREAS system variable





Type HPMAXAREAS in the Command line and press Enter.


When prompted to set a value, type 0 and press Enter again.


Try placing the drip hatch again. The hatch should show up correctly.


If the hatch is still coming in solid, check your Land F/X plot scale to ensure it's set correctly. Then verify that the hatch pattern is assigned correctly to the drip emitter area.


Still having issues? Send us a technical support ticket that includes your drawing and Land F/X data. Let us know you're having this issue, and we can help diagnose the issue.

Last modified on Oct 25, 2019


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