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Irrigation Schedule Does Not Show All My Equipment


The Irrigation Schedule does not show all your equipment (equipment is missing from the Irrigation Schedule).



If you ran your Irrigation Schedule by selecting a point of connection (POC), the schedule will not include sleeves, controllers, or anything else that is not physically connected to the pipe.


You might also experience this issue if you don't have the proper data for equipment placed previously into your design – typically the result of using the same project for different designs, and then making alterations to the equipment list in the Irrigation Manager.



If you want to use the Irrigation Schedule to catalog items not connected to the pipe, you have a couple of options:

You can also cross-check this issue using other methods:


You might also be experiencing an issue with accessing equipment in your project. If none of the solutions listed above resolve the issue, see our steps for fixing the Error Accessing Equipment Data in the Project.

Last modified on Sep 10, 2018


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