Different Fonts or Font Sizes in Identical Pieces of Irrigation Equipment
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Different Fonts or Font Sizes in Identical Pieces of Irrigation Equipment


You've placed two or more irrigation components of the same type, such as rotor heads, in your drawing. Although the components are supposed to be exactly the same type of equipment, the identification numbers or letters they contain appear to be in different fonts or font sizes. Here's an example:


Two identical irrigation components with different font sizes




The callout text within irrigation components is governed by the Land F/X font Callout Light. Land F/X predefines this text style before creating an irrigation equipment block, using whichever font you had assigned to Callout Light. Thus, if your font preferences change between the placement of two components of the same type, you will see two different fonts in the two components. Your preferences may have changed in one of the following ways:

  • The preference for the font Callout Light has been changed
  • A different Land F/X Preference Set has been chosen



Open the General Preferences screen to ensure you have the correct Preference Set selected. If not, select the Preference Set you want to use for this drawing.


Still in the General Preferences, ensure that the Text Style CALLOUT LIGHT has the correct font assigned to it (for example: Arial or Roman Simplex). If not, assign the correct font and font size.


Once you make either (or both) of these changes, your irrigation components should revert to the font style that is currently set for Callout Light in the Text Style Manager (and in the currently active Preference Set).

Last modified on Thursday, 26 May 2022


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