Irrigation Heads: Make Spray Radius Lines Visible When Plotting
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Irrigation Heads: Make Spray Radius Lines Visible When Plotting


You need the spray radius lines from your irrigation heads (sprinkler heads) to be visible when you plot. However, even though you can see the radius lines in your drawing, they are conistently invisible when you plot or print your system design, as shown below.





Our spray radius lines are automatically set to non-plot layers. To make them visible when you plot, you'll need to set their layers to plot.




Place a spray head, and click it to select it. Then open the Layer Properties Manager:


 Home ribbon, Layer Properties button


or type LAYER in the Command line and press Enter



In the Layer Properties Manager, locate the layer(s) containing the spray radius. These layers may be named LI-COVR-ROTR, LI-COVR-SPRY, or LI-COVR-NPLT


Scroll over to the Plot column. Layers that are set to non-plot will have a printer icon with a red "no" sign in this column. Click the printer icon to set the layer to plot.



Once you've set the layer to plot, you should see a printer icon without the red "no" sign in the Plot column.



You may also want to change the color setting in the Plot Style column for the affected layers.




Once you've set the spray radius layers, you should be able to see the radius lines when you plot preview and/or plot.

Last modified on Oct 10, 2018


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