Drip Hatch Disappears
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Drip Hatch Disappears


One of your drip hatches is disappearing. The issue may be occurring when you:

  • Place a valve callouts, or
  • Run our Verify Laterals tool


You may be experiencing this problem with:








The image to the right shows a drip emitter hatch that is missing a boundary.

Example drip emitter hatch missing a boundary




You can resolve this issue quickly by creating a boundary for the hatch.

If your hatch has disappeared, you can get it back using the Undo command (press the CTRL + Z keys).



Generate Boundary menu option


Select the problematic drip hatch, then right-click.




Select Generate Boundary from the menu that opens.




A boundary will be generated for the hatch.




You should now be able to complete the action you were attempting, such as placing a valve callout, without causing your drip hatch to disappear.

Boundary genererated for drip hatch

Does the hatch keep disappearing when you run Verify Laterals?

If you run our Verify Laterals tool after re-creating a drip hatch boundary, it may cause the hatch to disappear again.


If this is the case, here's what to do:


1. Generate the hatch boundary again.


2. Delete the old hatch.


3. Place a new drip hatch within the boundary.


The hatch should now remain in your drawing without disappearing.

Last modified on May 27, 2022


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