Unable to Select a New Irrigation Symbol
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Unable to Select a New Irrigation Symbol



You tried to select a new symbol for a piece of irrigation equipment, but the irrigation symbols dialog box wouldn't open and you were unable to pick a symbol.


You clicked the symbol thumbnail in the Equipment Info dialog box, but the dialog box showing the symbols (pictured below) didn't pop up.

Equipment Info dialog box symbol thumbnail




You're using a piece of equipment that uses our symbol families. As a result, you won't be able to just pick another symbol.


For example, you may have Family 2 selected for a bubbler.


Symbol selection dialog box with Family 2 selected for a bubbler




1. Click the Replace button and select the same equipment.
Equipment Info dialog box, Replace button



2. When prompted to Pick symbol family, select the new family set you want to use for the equipment.


Symbol selection dialog box showing symbol families


All placed symbols will be replaced by the symbol family you selected.

Last modified on May 27, 2022


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