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Irrigation Symbols in Different Sizes / Scales for Same Equipment Model


You placed irrigation symbols for the same model of equipment (such as valves or heads), but some of the symbols are appearing in different sizes or scales – some are bigger or smaller than others.

Did you make changes to the scaling factor in your design, but your irrigation equipment symbols are not respecting the change in scale? Solution >





This type of scaling issue typically occurs when the active Preference Set is switched midway through placing equipment.





1. Type Properties in the Command line and press Enter. The Properties panel will open.




2. Double-click one of the symbols that are in the correct size or scale.



The Edit Block Definition dialog box will open, with the symbol selected. Click OK.




3. The symbol block will open in the Block Editor.


Select the symbol block and check the Scale X and Scale Y values in the Properties panel.



Take note of these scale values.




4. Close the Block Editor.




5. Double-click one of the symbols that are in the wrong size or scale, and open it in the Block Editor. In the Properties panel, change the Scale X and Scale Y to match the scales in the first symbol block you opened.


Close the Block Editor and save the changes.



6. Repeat Step 5 for each of the symbols that are in the wrong size or scale.

If you need to change the scale of all equipment in your drawing, set your desired scale with our Scale tool, making sure to select the option to Rescale all objects.

Last modified on Jan 16, 2019


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