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Symbols Not Changing When Switching from Turf Spray to Shrub Spray


You are trying to switch your emitters from turf to shrub spray, but the symbols are not changing.


For example, you may have downloaded a separate shrubs spray group and assigned a different symbol family to it, but the symbols are staying the same.



The shrub spray has likely been imported from another project. The symbols are staying the same because:

  • Those symbols have been added with a different Preference Set active, or
  • The symbol family was set differently at one point.



1. Delete the shrub spray from the Irrigation Manager.


2. Type PRG in the Command line and press Enter. This step will purge the shrub spray from your drawing entirely.


3. Add the spray exactly how you had it before. Your spray emitters should place just fine now.

Last modified on Feb 06, 2018


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