Drip Emitter Areas (Areas for Drip Emitters) Showing Incorrect Emitter and/or Flow Quantities
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Drip Emitter Areas (Areas for Drip Emitters) Showing Incorrect Emitter and/or Flow Quantities


One or more drip emitter areas (Areas for Drip Emitters) in your drawing are showing incorrect emitter and flow quantity.


You've already sized your laterals and/or have run an Irrigation Schedule and have found that the flows or emitter quantities per container type do not reflect the manual calculation you've completed as a cross-check for the affected planted area.





This issue may be occurring because your drip emitter area is not including the correct bounding poly points from the planting area hatches in your planting Xref.





To resolve the issue, make sure your drip emitter area is fully encompassing the hatched planting areas it's supposed to irrigate – or at least ensure that at least 50% of the planting area's bounding polyline points are included in the drip area. If the drip area accounts for less than 50% of the plant hatch bounding points, its emitters will not pick up that planting area.




In this example, the planting area shown to the right is covered by a drip emitter area, but when the system is sized, the flow rates appear to be incorrect.

Planting area that appears to be covered by drip area




Example Irrigation Schedule listing 55 emitters when it should be listing 44

In this case, let's say we run an Irrigation Schedule and it lists the emitter quantity based on how we set up the emitter count to container size, and that quantity is off.


In our example, the schedule is showing 55 emitters when it should be showing 44 (1 emitter per plant).




Back in the drawing, the emitter area appears to be covering the majority of the groundcover hatch, but when we actually select the planter area, we can see how many points are not in the emitter area.

Planting area has several points outside the drip emitter area




Planting area hatch includes 11 points

If we examine the area, we can see that the planting hatch includes 11 points.




After zooming in closer, we can see that 6 of those 11 points are within the drip emitter area, which is the exact quantity the emitter area is picking up in the schedule.


In this case, we would need to expand the drip emitter area to encompass the additional 5 points included in the planting area boundary.

Planting area showing 6 of 11 points within drip emitter area

Still having issues with your drip emitter area(s) showing incorrect emitter and/or flow quantities? See our article on drip emitter troubleshooting.

Last modified on Friday, 27 May 2022


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