Unable to Access Any Web Content (Can't Add Plants, Reference Notes, or Irrigation Equipment)
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Unable to Access Any Web Content (Can't Add Plants, Reference Notes, or Irrigation Equipment)


You are unable to access Web-based content using our software. This issue may apply to:

  • Adding new plants, site blocks, or irrigation equipment
  • Accessing the Irrigation Manufacturer database or any other Web-based dynamic content


For example, you may be trying to add plants to a project but don't see any available plants in the New Plants screen:


New Plants screen showing no available plants





You may be experiencing this issue because:

  • Windows Explorer is out of date, and/or
  • You need to make some quick configurations to your Internet security settings





You can resolve this issue quickly by ensuring Windows is up to date, and, if needed, making a few quick changes to your Internet security settings.


Step 1: Run the Windows update.

1A. Follow our steps to run the Windows update.

Updates to Windows Explorer are built into the Windows updates. Ensuring that Windows is up to date will also ensure that Windows Explorer is up to date, which can help resolve this issue.



1B. After running the update, repeat the action you attempted before – adding or placing a plant or RefNote, etc.


Still unable to access Web content? Move on to the next step.




Step 2 (if necessary): Configure your Internet security settings.

If you're still having trouble accessing Web content through our software, this quick step should do the trick.


2A. Open your Control Panel, and select Internet Options.

Control Panel, Internet Options




Internet Properties dialog box, Security tab, Trusted Sites

2B. In the Internet Properties dialog box, select the Security tab.



Click Trusted Sites, then click the Sites button.



Verify that the list of trusted sites includes both of the following sites:

  • https://aws.landfx.com
  • https://www.landfx.com




2C. If you don't see one or both of these sites in the list, add each one you don't see.


To add a site, type its exact URL in the text field (as pictured to the right) and click Add.

This step will add our website to your list of trusted sites, which is necessary for accessing Web-based content.

Adding a URL to trusted sites in the Internet Properties dialog box




https://aws.landfx.com and https://www.landfx.com listed as Trusted Sites

2D. Verify that both sites are listed as trusted sites.


Then click Close to save the change.




2E. Back in the Internet Properties dialog box, select the Advanced tab and scroll down to Security.



Verify that the following boxes are checked:

  • Use TLS 1.0
  • Use TLS 1.1
  • Use TLS 1.2



Click Apply to save the change.

Internet Properties dialog box, Advanced tab, Security settings, TLS settings




You should now be able to access plants, irrigation equipment, site amenities, and other dynamic content.

Still unable to access Web-based content? It's time to get your IT admin involved to troubleshoot your security settings (such as certification issues). At this point any number of security settings may be blocking your access to Web content.

Last modified on May 18, 2022


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