Plant Schedule Is Listing Plants That Aren't In Your Drawing
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Plant Schedule Is Listing Plants That Aren't In Your Drawing


Your Plant Schedule is listing or counting plants that are not in your drawing. The plant(s) appear to be adding themselves to your project, and your quantities are incorrect in the schedule.


You may have also tried to delete the plant from the Plant Manager, but that didn't work – the plant just adds itself back after you run a schedule.





The plant that keeps adding itself is in your drawing, in one way or another.

We've seen this issue occur quite frequently because the plant(s) causing the issue have been added and placed as a groundcover or Shrub Area hatch and then changed to a tree or shrub in the plant data, but the groundcover or Shrub Area hatch(es) for that plant was never deleted.




1. Select the plant in the Plant Manager, then click Highlight.


If no plants highlight in your drawing, the plant has likely had its category switched.


If one or more plants are highlighted in your drawing, try typing S (for Select). If the highlighted plant isn't selected, the highlighted plant has likely had its category switched.

Plant Manager, Highlight button




2. Use our Edit Plant tool, select your planting hatches one by one, and check whether any of them have been changed to a symbol rather than a hatch.




3. If you find any such hatches, change the symbol type back to a Shrub Area or groundcover. Then use our Highlight tool and select any hatch whose planting symbol was changed to a shrub or tree. All instances of that hatch will be highlighted.




4. Delete and redraw all highlighted hatches, or change them to another plant if necessary.

Is your Plant Schedule showing incorrect quantities of plants for a different reason? See our troubleshooting steps.

Last modified on May 26, 2022


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