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Calculate a Total for All Planted Areas


You want to calculate a total for all planted areas in your drawing, including tree and shrub symbols.



Here's a quick way to calculate all your planted areas:


1. Turn on our Plant Outlines tool from the F/X Planting ribbon.



You'll now have regions around all your plants.




2. Isolate the following layers:




3. Explode all the regions around the plants to turn them into arcs.

You’ll likely need to explode the regions twice before you get all arcs.



4. Turn all arcs instantly into closed polylines by using our SUPERJOIN command.



5. Use our Area Total tool to instantly calculate the total area of the LP-TREE-OTLN and LP-SHRB-OTLN layers separately.

Last modified on Jul 17, 2019


  • Land F/X

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