When I Delete Blocks from the Block Folder, They Keep Reappearing
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When I Delete Blocks from the Block Folder, They Keep Reappearing


You've deleted a number of the default Land F/X blocks from their subfolder in the LandFX/Blocks folder, but the deleted blocks keep reappearing.


Some Land F/X users choose to delete the blocks they don't use, which allows them to navigate through the block system more quickly.



The blocks are reappearing as a result of our Cloud-based block and hatch system. For more information, see our Cloud-Based Blocks and Hatches documentation.


Because they are stored online, the blocks are set to download automatically when you or a user on your network selects the block symbol in one of our symbol libraries (such as plant symbols or Plan Graphics).



The workaround for these automatic downloads is to create a new subfolder (or subfolders) within the appropriate folder in the Blocks library, give it a unique name, and save the blocks you DO want into that folder. That way, even when the blocks automatically download into the default folders, you have a concise library of the blocks you use.


For example, you could make a folder called My Benches within the Plan Graphics folder system and copy the bench blocks you use into that folder. Because we don't have a folder of that name in our default folder system, our bench blocks will download directly into the Benches folder rather than into your My Benches folder, giving you total control of what goes in your folder (and what doesn't).

Last modified on May 26, 2022


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