This is Not a Land F/X Entity (Editing a Block or Hatch in Your Drawing)
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This is Not a Land F/X Entity (Editing a Block or Hatch in Your Drawing)


You attempted to edit a block or hatch using our Edit Plant or Edit Object tool and received the following message:

This is not a Land F/X entity.



You might receive this error in one of two possible scenarios:



In this scenario, you attempted to edit a "dumb" or generic block or hatch type such as a:

  • Surveyor block
  • Block that has been placed from our Plan Graphics, Elevation Graphics, or Discipline Graphics libraries
  • Generic hatch


In this case, follow our steps to assign data to that block.


Once a block has data assigned to it, you're free to edit that data using any of our Edit tools.






1. Place a new instance of that block or hatch from the Plant Manager or Reference Notes Manager.



2. Open our Mimic Object tool.



3. When prompted to select a source object, select the new block or hatch you just placed.



4. When prompted to select a destination object, select the block or hatch that originally triggered the error (that is, the one that isn't assigned data). That block or hatch will be tranformed into the one you selected.



Need to identify which blocks in a large plan have retained data and which lost data? Use the Highlight button in either the Plant or RefNotes Manager.


Plant and RefNotes Managers, Highlight button


Use the Highlight additional similar option to select all items of that same type. Then type S to select the highlighted objects. Move those plants to a unique layer, and freeze that layer. You now only have non-data symbols of that plant type showing, and you can use our Match Properties tool to fix them as described above.



Last modified on May 25, 2022


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