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Unable to Reconstitute a Hatch Area, Quantity Will Be Inaccurate (Running a Schedule)


You're seeing the following error message when attempting to run a schedule:

Unable to reconstitute a hatch area, quantity will be inaccurate.




You may be having this issue when attempting to run a schedule, such as:





This error can result from hatches that:

  • Lack boundary polylines, or
  • Have poorly defined boundaries





You can resolve this issue by generating boundaries for the problematic hatches.


Look around your plan for hatches without boundaries. If you find any hatches that visibly lack boundaries, click on the pattern(s) to select the hatch(es), then right-click.


Select Generate Boundary from the menu that opens.




Determining whether a hatch has a boundary & selecting multiple hatches without boundaries

Hatches may appear to have a boundary even if they don't.


To check whether or not a hatch is linked to a boundary, select the hatch, then type PROP in the Command line and press Enter to open the Properties panel.


If the hatch's Associative setting is set to No, the hatch is not linked to a boundary.




You can use the QSELECT command to find all hatches in your drawing that are not associated with a hatch.


Type QSELECT in the Command line and press Enter. In the Quick Select dialog box, make the following selections:

  • Apply to: Entire drawing
  • Object type: Hatch
  • Properties: Associative
  • Operator: = Equals
  • Value: No
  • How to apply: Include in new selection set


Click OK when finished. All hatches in the drawing that are not associated with a boundary will be selected, and you can add boundaries as described above.

Also make sure that a hatch's boundary doesn't cross over itself or overlap an interior island boundary, as pictured below.


Last modified on Aug 03, 2021


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