Plant Labels, Callouts, or Dimensions Not Showing in Paper Space, or Text Missing
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Plant Labels, Callouts, or Dimensions Not Showing in Paper Space, or Text Missing


Your callouts (such as plant labels) or dimensions are not showing up in Paper Space, or are simply missing. Your callout text might not be showing up within the callout boxes or in either your right or left plant labels.



Check whether you're using Annotative Scaling. This setting can cause multiple issues with your drawings – especially with your labels, callouts. If you have Annotative Scaling turned on, follow our steps to turn Annotative Scaling off.

Find out why we don't recommend using Annotative Scaling with our software.


You can also control this feature by using the toggle to turn annotative objects on or off: Type AnnoAllVisible in the Command line.


Type ANNOALLVISIBLE in the Command line and press Enter.


When prompted to enter a value, type 0 to turn Annotative objects off, or 1 to turn them on.



Left and Right Plant Labels Behaving Differently

Is this issue occurring with either your right or left plant labels, but not with the other? If so, the side that is behaving strangely is likely marked as Annotative.

To fix this issue, you would first need to delete the errant plant label, and type PRG in the Command line to purge it out of the drawing. Then save and restart AutoCAD. Place the label again. The issue should now be corrected.

If that doesn't work, you will need to repeat those steps, but also turn Annotative Scaling off.


A Final Note on Annotative Scaling

Above all, make sure you understand the purpose of annotative scaling and figuring out whether it is something you even need. Many Land F/X users enable this feature unnecessarily (and/or unknowingly) and, as a result, have to deal with a number of issues. 


You should only use annotative scaling if you want to display the same plan at various scales. Find out why we don't recommend using Annotative Scale with our software.


If you don't need to display your plan at multiple scales, a better practice would be to define your scale before placing labels. In the future, if you don't plan to prepare multiple scale views of the same site, there's really no reason to use Annotative Scaling, and you could avoid this option and all the potential hassle it can bring.

Last modified on Tuesday, 17 May 2022


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