Plant Labels Losing Association With Plants
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Plant Labels Losing Association With Plants


Your plant labels are losing their association (connection) with plant data.


As a result, the labels are not updating when you modify or update your plants, which may be forcing you to re-label your plants each time you change them.




Most of the time when a label loses its association in the way described above, you can assume that the label was originally pointing to a plant that no longer exists.


This issue occurs most commonly when a planting plan is split up, copied, or Wblocked.


Let's say, for example, that you select a plant along with its label and copy them over to the side. The second label is actually pointing to (associated with) the original plant.


Selecting a plant along with its label
Copying the plant and label off to the side




If you decide to change the second plant, the label will not associate automatically with that plant. Instead, it will remain associated with the original plant.




In the following example, we've changed a copied instance of the plant Babiana rubrocyanea (BAB RUB) to the plant Hebe 'Co-ed' (HEB CO). The label is still associated with the original plant, so it stays the same. The solution? Delete the second label, then place it again. The new label will reflect the information of the new plant.




New plant with label associated with the original plant
Delete and place the label again
Last modified on Aug 03, 2022


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