Right and Left Plant Labels Show Different Information
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Right and Left Plant Labels Show Different Information


You've placed both the right and left plant labels of the same label style, and the two sides are showing different information from each other.


For example, one label may show plant quantity but no plant code, while the other label may show plant code but no plant quantity.



This issue is the result of an AutoCAD bug regarding drawing units.



Delete both problematic labels from the drawing, then Purge them out of the drawing by typing PRG in the Command line.


Restart CAD. The labels should now come in correctly when you place them.


In many cases, this issue can also result from a large number of Proxy objects in a drawing. If you are still having issues with your labels, you may need to clean the drawing, as well as all of the drawings containing your Xrefs, using our Nuke tool. For more information, see our Nuke Tool documentation.

Last modified on Thursday, 26 May 2022


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