How to Line Up Plant Labels With Precision
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How to Line Up Plant Labels With Precision


You're looking for an effective way to align your plant labels with precision.


Due to coding necessities, our Plant Label tools cannot allow for snapping to objects (even if you turn on the OSNAP tool). As a result, you'll need a bit of a workaround.




Rather than snapping to objects in your drawing, our Plant Label tools allow you to snap to the AutoCAD grid.



First, turn on the grid by pressing the F7 key (Windows keyboard) or the fn + F7 keys (Mac keyboard).

align plant labels




Press the F9 key (Windows keyboard) or the fn + F9 keys (Mac keyboard) while placing a plant label to have it start snapping to the grid points. You can also use F9 to snap to a grid point while placing the leader.




Select label style and plants to label

Select the style of label you'd like to place, and select the plant(s) you want to label.

When labeling in Paper Space, you can grab both the callout and the leader by the grip point. If you enable the grid, you won't need to draw a guideline at all.

Last modified on Aug 02, 2022


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