Lowercase Plant Codes
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Lowercase Plant Codes



You want your plant codes to include lowercase letters, as pictured to the right.


This code style will apply to the way your plants are identified within both plant labels and Plant Schedules.

Designers will often prefer this plant code style in projects where plants have Alphanumeric symbols.


Plant codes including lowercase letters




Although you can uncheck a box in the Planting Preferences to not capitalize your plant codes, this style will require a few extra steps if you want to retain the same characters from the default plant codes, which are in all caps.



Planting Preferences, GEN SPE plant code option selected, Capitalize Code option unchecked

1. Open the Planting Preferences. In the options listed beneath Plant Code

  • Select the GEN SPE option.
  • Uncheck the Capitalize Code option.




2. Follow our steps to edit a plant whose code you want to change. You can use either of the following options:



You'll see the Plant code in the Plant Info dialog box. By default, it will consist of all capital letters.

Plant code in Plant Info dialog box consisting of all capital letters



Plant Info dialog box, Plant Code field

3. Give the plant a new, temporary code whose characters differ from the original code. Use a code that isn't being used by any other plant in your project.


Click OK.

You can't simply save over the original code using a code with the same characters – even if those characters are now lowercase. Due to the nature of how computers work, you'll need to give the plant a new and unique code first. Of course, if you want to give the plant an entirely new code, you're free to do that at this point – as long as it won't conflict with any other plant's code. 



4. To use the same characters as those in the default code, edit the plant again. This time, give it the characters from the original code but with the internal letters in lowercase.


Click OK.

Plant Info dialog box with plant code including characters from original code but internal letters in lowercase




Plant code with initial capital letters and internal lowercase letters

The plant will now have the code you gave it, with initial capital letters and internal lowercase letters.

You'll need to repeat these steps for each plant you use in the current Land F/X project. Once you've edited all the plant codes to your liking, we recommend saving your project as a template. That way, you can create future projects based on that template without the need to edit all your plant codes again for the existing plants.

Last modified on May 26, 2022


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