Plant Label Leader Lines Point to 0,0 After Editing a Plant
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Plant Label Leader Lines Point to 0,0 After Editing a Plant


You used our Edit Plant tool to edit a plant in your drawing, and you're noticing that one or more of your plant label leader lines are pointing to 0,0 instead of the plant(s) they are meant to call out.


This issue may also occur when you edit plants while our Color Render tool is turned on when the plant doesn't have a 2D symbol assigned.





We've seen this issue result from:

  • Corruption in your drawing. What's drawing corruption? Find out here
  • A previous behavior with our labeling tools that associated the label to the plant block and, as a result, resulted in this issue with the right circumstances involving Color Render.




    1. Try running the DIMDISASSOCIATE command on all plant MLeader labels to fix the old association issue. Note: This issue was fixed in version 19.07.


    2. If the DIMDISASSOCIATE command isn't fixing the issue, follow our steps to clean your drawing and all Xrefs.

    How to prevent corruption in future drawings

Last modified on Feb 27, 2023


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