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Your Plants are Rotated to a Strange Angle


When you place plants in a drawing, they seem to have rotated to an angle you didn't set.



Note that most users will not notice the rotation of their plants. However, you might experience this issue if you have plus (+) signs marking your trees, for example.


If the trees are placed at a different rotation, the plus signs will appear as x's, as pictured to the right.



Plant rotations are set by the angle that is currently specified with our Plant Shadows tool (even if you have not used the tool).



In this example, the Plant Shadows are set to 135 degrees but are turned off.


If we turn the Plant Shadows on, we can see that the 135-degree shadows match the rotation of the plants.





To rotate your plants to 0 degrees, simply set your Plant Shadows to 0 degrees.


Open our Plant Shadows tool:



F/X Planting ribbon, Plant Shadows flyout





Plant Render toolbar




Planting toolbar

F/X Planting menu, Plant Shadows option




or type FX_PlantShadows in the Command line




In our example, the Angle of shadows setting is at 135 degrees.


To rotate your plants to 0 degrees, change this number to 0.


Then click OK.




Your plants will now be rotated to 0 degrees, as pictured to the left.


Note that the x's within our trees have turned back into + signs. The Plant Shadows will be turned on.




To turn the Plant Shadows off, open the Plant Shadows tool again and click Turn off Shadows.




Your plants will now be rotated how you want them, and the Plant Shadows will be turned off.

Last modified on Oct 16, 2018


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