Can I Copy Plants and Labels Around a Plan?
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Can I Copy Plants and Labels Around a Plan?


You want to copy plants along with their labels around your drawing without the labels losing their association with the plants.

Want to copy just plants or another type of block? See our article on Copying Plants & Other Blocks: How To (and How Not To).



Yes, it's possible to copy plants and their associated labels around your drawing. Here are the ground rules:





Rule #1: Only use our XCOPY or XCORO commands to copy plants and labels.

XCOPY runs the copy portion of the AutoCAD Move, Copy, Rotate (MOCORO) command, while XCORO runs the copy and rotate portions of the same command. If you need to rotate the copied labels, use XCORO. If not, use XCOPY.


For more information and instructions, see our documentation on:

F/X Planting ribbon, XCOPY and XCORO flyouts





Rule #2: When using XCOPY or XCORO to copy plants and labels, use each tool on both the plant and its associated label at the same time. If you use XCOPY or XCORO on plants and labels separately, they will lose their associations.



Rule #3: Do not use the AutoCAD COPY command to copy plants and labels. Whether you try this command on both the plant and label, or on one or the other, the plant and label will lose their associations.

Last modified on May 26, 2022


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