Plant Photo Callout: Unable to Place Photo
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Plant Photo Callout: Unable to Place Photo


You tried to use our Plant Photo Callout tool to place a photo callout, but were unable to place the photo you selected.


You may have:

  • Clicked on an Internet image and pulled up the photo in the window without being able to actually place the image,
  • Been prompted in the Command line to enter image file name to attach, or
  • Browsed to a photo but were unable to place it


Cause & Solution

Choosing a photo online

Some websites protect their photos in this way, making it difficult (if not impossible) to use their photos without permission.


Try picking a photo from a different website.


Did you see a prompt in the Command line to enter image file name to attach?


If so, you may have selected an image that is blocked from being used directly from the Internet.


In this case, you can download the image and place it by browsing to it locally on your computer.


Browsing to a photo that's stored on your computer or network

Can't place a photo that's stored locally? It may be because:

  • The photo isn't on a letter drive.

Our Photo Callout tool will only work with photos that are stored on a mapped letter drive (such as the C: drive on your computer, or a mapped letter drive on your network). If the photo isn't stored on a mapped letter drive, move it to one and try selecting it again.


  • Something is wrong with the photo file, or it's in an unsupported format.

Your photo file may be corrupt, or your photo may be in an unsupported format. If in doubt, try saving it as a JPG.


  • The photo has the same filename as another photo that's already in the drawing.

Check the filename of the photo you're trying to use in your callout against the filenames of any photos you've already used in your drawing.


Type Xref in the Command line and press Enter to open the Xref Manager. Any photos you've Xrefed into your drawing or used in a Photo Callout will be listed here.


Check the filenames in the Saved Path column. If the name of the photo you're trying to use matches any of these names, change the name of that photo and try to browse to it again using the Photo Callout tool.


Xref Manager, Saved Path column
Last modified on May 26, 2022


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