Schedule Title Overlapping Text
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Schedule Title Overlapping Text


You placed a plant, irrigation, or Reference Notes schedule in your drawing, and your schedule title is overlapping the rest of the schedule text. Your title could be:

  • Taking up too much space
  • Appearing in the wrong location
  • In a font or font size that is excessively large or small
  • Simply too long


Here's an example:

Example of a schedule with title overlapping schedule text





If your schedule title is coming in at the wrong location, the title text attribute from the block containing your schedule has likely been moved for some reason. If this is the case, you can simply move the title attribute to the proper location.


Click anywhere on the schedule to select it. Then click the blue square near the bottom left corner of the schedule title, which will select the title attribute.


Select shedule title attribute


You can now move the title to the correct location. Click again to place the title in its new location, as show below.


Click to place schedule title in correct location


Now, if your title is still the wrong size (for example, the title shown above is too large to fit in its allotted area), you can complete the following steps to change the font and/or size of the title text.





If your schedule title is in a font or font size that is preventing it from fitting in your schedule properly, you likely have it set that way in either your Preferences or your table style.


1. Open the General Preferences screen and follow our steps to edit the Schedule Title Text Style.


You can then change its font and size in the Text Manager to meet your needs.



In the example below, we've maintained the same Text Style from our original schedule but made the font size smaller.



The font and size of all your schedule titles are controlled by the Schedule Title Text Style, so any changes you make here will apply to your plant, Reference Notes, and irrigation schedule titles.



2. Once you've verified that the Schedule Title Text Style has the correct font and point size, place another schedule. If the title looks as it should, you've resolved the issue.


Is the schedule title still too large? If so, you may have it set that way in your table style. Move on to the next step.


3. Type TABLESTYLE in the Command line and press Enter.







5. In the Table Style dialog box, select the Standard style.


Then click Modify.

Table Style dialog box, Standard style, Modify button




Cell Styles menu, Title option

6. Select the Title option from the Cell styles menu.


7. Select the Text tab.


8. Change the Text height to 4. Click OK when finished.

In cell styles, drop down to choose Title then click the Text tab.

This setting won't actually change the text height of your schedule titles – it will allow the cell to expand as it needs to.




The table cell for your schedule titles will now be fixed permanently in this drawing. Don't forget to apply this same fix to the drawing template (DWT) you use when starting drawings.



Last modified on Aug 04, 2022


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