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Plant Symbols Overlapping in Plant Schedule


You opted to include your plant symbols in your Plant Schedule, but your symbols are overlapping in the schedule, as pictured below.




Some Land F/X users actually prefer having their plant symbols overlap in the Plant Schedule, so we included this ability in the Plant Schedule options.



When you placed your Plant Schedule, you likely had the following settings configured in the Schedule Options.

  • Space between Plants box unchecked
  • Symbols at Plan Size box checked



These two settings cause the symbols to overlap in the schedule.




If you want your plant symbols to appear in the schedule without overlapping, you have two options.


Option 1: Symbols at Plan Size With Space Between Them


  • Space between Plants box checked
  • Symbols at Plan Size box checked




These settings will result in a schedule that includes your plant symbols at the same size as they appear in the planting plan, with sufficient space between the symbols so they don't overlap.



Option 2: Smaller Plant Symbols


  • Space between Plants box unchecked




Either of these settings will result in a schedule that includes smaller plant symbols. Because the symbols are so small, they will no overlap when you select this option – and whether or not you check the option to include Space between Plants.


Last modified on Oct 16, 2018


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