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Plant Is Not Showing Up in the Schedule, but the Same Plant's Code Appears as a Heading in its Place


One of your plants is not showing up in the Plant Schedule, and that same plant's code is showing up as a full schedule heading where the plant should be listed.




This issue is the result of using either TREES or SHRUBS as a plant's code. When either term is used as a plant code, the system is tricked into thinking the heading with the same name is meant to go where the plant's listing is in fact supposed to go in the schedule.


In this example, a groundcover has been assigned the code SHRUBS.


The use of this code has caused the entire SHRUBS heading to appear in the place of that plant, under the GROUND COVERS heading.


We have a longer-term development fix scheduled for this issue, but the fix will likely be to disallow TREES or SHRUBS as valid plant codes.



To resolve this issue, locate the plant with the code TREES or SHRUBS. Edit this plant, giving it a new code. Then regenerate the Plant Schedule.



In our example, the plant Arrhenatherum elatius is assigned the code SHRUBS.



We'll change its code to ARR EL2.




When we regenerate the schedule, the plant appears correctly.


Last modified on Oct 16, 2018


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