Plant Quantity is Blank for a Groundcover or Shrub Area in Plant Schedule
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Plant Quantity is Blank for a Groundcover or Shrub Area in Plant Schedule


You placed a Plant Schedule and noticed that the plant quantity for one or more of your groundcovers or Shrub Areas is showing up blank, as in the example to the right.

Plant Schedule with plant quantity showing up blank




This issue is typically the result of corruption in your drawing.


More about drawing corruption





Step 1: Test for drawing corruption

1A. Open a blank drawing based on either the acad.dwt (Imperial units) or acadiso.dwt (metric units).

Need help with this step? See our instructions for duplicating an issue in a blank drawing.


1B. Select the same Land F/X project that's assigned to the drawing where you're having the issue.


1C. Place the same groundcover or Shrub Area whose plant quantity is showing up blank in the schedule.


1D. Place another Plant Schedule.







If the schedule placed in this blank drawing shows a quantity for this plant, the original drawing is most likely corrupt. Move on to Step 2.

Schedule placed in blank drawing showing quantity for plant




Step 2: Clean the drawing, including Xrefs

Open the drawing that was originally causing the issue, and follow our instructions to clean the drawing and any Xrefs.


Make sure to use our manual drawing cleanup steps on your main drawing after you've cleaned the Xrefs. 


You can then reattach your Xrefs and run another Plant Schedule. The issue should be resolved.

Last modified on May 26, 2022


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