Rearrange Columns in a Schedule (Plant Schedule, Irrigation Schedule, Reference Notes Schedule, Etc.)
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Rearrange Columns in a Schedule (Plant Schedule, Irrigation Schedule, Reference Notes Schedule, Etc.)


You want the freedom to rearrange or reorder the columns in your schedules.


You may have looked at our standard options for organizing a schedule and want to instead match your previous company standards that had the columns in a different order. For example, you may want:

  • Quantity (QTY) column first
  • Remarks column always last
  • Different order for user fields



You may want to apply these column changes to:
  • Plant Schedules
  • Concept Plant Schedules
  • Reference Notes (RefNotes) Schedules
  • Other site schedules such as the Zoning Schedule, Grading Schedule, etc.
  • Irrigation Schedules

In the interest of keeping our software easy to use – and limited by some restrictions from the CAD platform – we’ve decided to limit the built-in arrangement options to more widely accepted arrangements. However, you can easily rearrange your schedules at will while also keeping the ability to regenerate the schedule.


1. Place the schedule in Model Space.


2. Open a Paper Space Layout tab.


3. Create a viewport around your schedule in Paper Space. Zoom in until the text is your desired size. Move the boundaries of the viewport to accommodate the entire schedule.


Create a viewport and move its boundaries to accommodate the entire schedule


4. Make a copy of that viewport to the side.


You'll now have two identical copies of your schedule that you can configure to show different portions of your schedule. You can now splice the schedule together in a different column order in Paper Space using multiple schedules.


In the following example, we've used multiple cropped viewports to move the QTY column so it appears first in our example schedule.


Last modified on May 25, 2022


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