Schedule for Work Area Does Not Appear or Can't Be Placed
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Schedule for Work Area Does Not Appear or Can't Be Placed

You ran a schedule for a specific Work Area in your drawing, and the schedule didn't appear when you tried to place it.


You may be experiencing this issue with one of several possible schedule types, including:

  • Plant Schedule
  • Concept Plant Schedule
  • Irrigation Schedule
  • Site schedules, such as:
    • Reference Notes (RefNotes) Schedule
    • Lighting Schedule
    • Grading Schedule
    • Concept Graphics Schedule



The objects in your Work Area may be placed in such a way that the Work Area is not recognizing them.



Try running the schedule for the entire drawing.


If the schedule appears when you place it, the plants, RefNotes, or other blocks within the Work Area are placed in a way that the Work Area isn't picking them up.


One known issue:

The blocks in the Work Area may be tilted in such a way the the Work Area is unable to recognize them. To test for this issue, place a new tree. Now try placing a Plant Schedule.


If the schedule places but only shows the tree you just placed, the blocks are rotated vertically – possibly only slightly, making it difficult to distinguish. If the tree block is in fact tilted, solid hatches within that block will appear as starbursts, such as the solid hatch within the trunk of one of our trees.


This issue can often be caused by drawing in a file with a rotated plane, and then fixing the User Cooredinate System (UCS) partway through to true 2D. From that point on, everything drawn before will still be tilted on the original plane, but new objects will be drawn truly flat.


Although some AutoLISPs are able to fix tilted blocks, there's a good chance that you've been drawing on a rotated plane, which will cause more issues. The best solution is to fix the User Coordinate System (UCS) in your drawing and re-draw your design.

Last modified on May 25, 2022


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