Change the Widths of Schedule Columns (Table Format)
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Change the Widths of Schedule Columns (Table Format)


You want to change the widths of the columns in your schedules, making them either narrower or wider.


You can use these steps on several types of schedules, including:

  • Plant Schedule
  • Irrigation Schedule
  • Site Schedules, including the Reference Notes Schedule




These steps will only work with schedules placed in Table format.


This solution is not permanent, but it will work for the purposes of fine-tuning a schedule in a drawing you need to present to a client, for example.

Plant Schedule, Table destination option

Don't want your schedules to have visible table borders? See our steps for creating a table format schedules with no lines.




1. Click the table border of a schedule you've placed in your drawing. Once selected, the table border will turn into a dashed line.


Right-click the selected schedule and select Block Editor from the menu that opens.


Right-click the selected schedule and select Block Editor from the menu



2. The Block Editor will open. Click the table border. You'll now see a blue grab point at the top of each column border.


To change the width of a column, click one of these grab points, then click again to the left or right to make the column narrower or wider.


Moving schedule grab points to make columns narrower or wider

Note that the widths of the adjacent columns will also be affected by this step, so you'll likely need to fine-tune the widths of the remainder of the columns in the same way until you've achieved all the widths you want.



Close Block Editor


Select the option to save your changes

3. When finished making your changes, close the Block Editor and select the option to save your changes.

If you need to regenerate your schedule, this formatting will be erased and won't be remembered. When regenerating, you’ll need to block edit the column width again.

Last modified on May 25, 2022


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