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Objects are Appearing in the Incorrect Locations in Your SketchUp Model


When placing plants, site amenities, and other objects in a SketchUp model, you're noticing that these items are appearing in the incorrect locations.



You may have a User Coordinate System (UCS) set to the incorrect orientation in your CAD in some cases, you may have your UCS set backward.



Go back to your design in CAD, and use our New UCS tool to create a new UCS in the correct orientation. You can then use our SketchUp Connection tool to re-import your drawing into SketchUp.

If you have, in fact, been designing in a UCS that is backward or otherwise oriented incorrectly, your linework in SketchUp will most likely be disoriented beyond repair. Your best bet in this case is to correct the orientation in CAD and redo any linework or placements you've carried through while in SketchUp.

Last modified on Mar 09, 2018


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