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SketchUp Plugin: Clicking Tools Does Nothing


You are trying to use one of the Land F/X tools within SketchUp, but clicking the tool button does nothing.



Your SketchUp Library location is incorrect.



1. Follow our steps to create a new SketchUp Library folder location.


Suggested library folder locations include:

  • (your network server)/LandFX/SketchUp/Library (where your network server represents the actual name of your network server on its mapped letter drive – e.g., L:/drive

Don't know your server name? Ask your IT administrator.


  • C:/Landfx/SketchUp/Library


  • C:/Users/(your computer)/Documents/SketchUp/Library (where your computer represents the actual name of your computer)

Find the name of your computer >



2. Once you've set up a folder location where the final folder is named Library, close the Settings window in SketchUp.



All Land F/X SketchUp tools should immediately work.


Last modified on Mar 21, 2018


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