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LABash is where students, faculty, and professionals come together to celebrate landscape architecture. Held as an annual event for almost half a century, it’s equal parts conference, networking event, and party. LABash has become a rite of passage of sorts for landscape architecture students across North America, and you won’t want to miss it.

2019 – University of Georgia

The booth of truth, primed for the youth.

Land F/X CEO Jeremiah Farmer based his presentation on this year's LABash theme, "Finding Your Roots."

Post-presentation Q&A session with Land F/X CEO and head developer Jeremiah Farmer.

Rockin' out at the LABash post-show party.

The expo entryway was all class.

2018 – Penn State

The approaching view from above

Students gather for Penn State LABash.

Streets of Philadelphia.

The food at LABash is incredible!

At the expo, Jeremiah Farmer chits the chat.

Buying some suvies.

Young landscapes architects waiting to hear presentations.

Jeremiah Farmer speaks to the youth.

The audience at Penn State.

The famous Stuckman Building at Penn State

Shaun Rittenhouse bringing down the house.

The serene beauty of Penn State at night.

Upscale preso at LABash 2018.

On the floor, Jeremiah Farmer in front of the booth

Coming home!

2017 – University of Maryland

Morning light in Maryland.

Lights out, presentation on.

A Terrapin welcome to all.

What can LAs do? Change the world!

UMD campus.

Testudo the Maryland Terrapin.

Future LAs prepare to make monumental transformations.

Land F/X was a sponsor. Can you tell?

Getting excited for site amenities.

LABash lived up to its name in Maryland.

A lesson on work-life balance.

There's always something to learn at LABash.

Land F/X: It's not your dad's CAD!

Jeremiah tells 'em what's what.

We get to be tourists too.

Well, that's a capitol idea!

More DC sights.

Partying it up at LABash 2017, UMD.

The Mid-Atlantic Seaboard awaits.

2016 – Ohio State University

Sundown, Columbus.

The Land F/X booth awaits, LABash Columbus, 2016.

Just a few of our extensive training resources.

Imitation: the sincerest form of flattery.

Don't forget to enter the passport raffle for a trip to ASLA.

Ohio State University was a terrific LABash host in 2016.

LABash 2016 kicks off in Columbus.

Land F/X CEO Jeremiah Farmer with Shannon Nichol from Gustafson Guthrie Nichol (GGN).

LABash 2016 was a swanky affair.

LABash is never afraid to get technical.

2015 – Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Cooperation reigns at the Land F/X charrette.

Changing the world one landscape at a time.

View of Mission Plaza, San Luis Obispo.

Amphitheater at Mission Plaza, San Luis Obispo.

Lush outdoor space, Mission Plaza, San Luis Obispo.

Chorro Street, San Luis Obispo.

Temporary pedestrian thoroughfare, San Luis Obispo.

San Luis Obispo's renowned Farmers' Market.

Budding gymnasts hone their craft in San Luis Obispo.

Farmers' Market fills in as the sun sets.

Two-wheel parking, San Luis Obispo Farmers' Market.

Veggies al fresco.

Downtown Brown, Farmers' Market mascot.

A pedestrian-only Downtown San Luis Obispo: Subject and goal of the Land F/X charrette at LABash 2015.

Tasty Moroccan grub at Farmers' Market.

The Land F/X booth, LABash 2015.

LABash 2015 gets started at Cal Poly.

The bike-friendly Cal Poly campus.

Future LAs get into the Land F/X charrette.

Gettin’ down and dirty at the Land F/X charrette, LABash 2015.

2014 – University of Wisconsin - Madison

Plan of Witte Residence Hall, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Madison warms the heart of homesick Californians.

State Capitol at night, Madison, Wisconsin.

Madison put on a towering LABash!

Computer workshop at LABash 2014.

The drink doth flow, Madison 2014.

Good times at the Land F/X after-party, Madison 2014.

Land F/X CEO Jeremiah (right) shows off his jaunty party cap.

The Land F/X after-party got a little blurry after a while!

2013 – University of Georgia

Landscape architecture workshop at LABash 2013, UGA.

LABash 2013 bursts at the seams.

Athens, GA, kicks it old-school.

The stage is set for LABash 2013.

2012 – Florida International University

Miami lights at night.

The Land F/X booth is ready to go.

An inquisitive audience at the Land F/X booth.

Materials galore.

Prepping for the show.

Steppin' out in Miami.

More festivities.

Nighttime in an outdoor city.

Miami skyline, sunset, 2012.

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