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Recent Discussions:

RE: One Plant Schedule from Two Land F/X Projects??
2 days ago
Amanda, If you run the schedule with the "Include xrefs" option, the plants will indeed be merged into a single schedule. However in order to this, the other plants will be added to the current project. So it all depends on what exactly...
RE: Irrigation - Some valves have no head elevations in the valve schedule
2 days ago
Hey Steve, thank you again for this post and the conversations outside of it. We put together a support article using the examples that you sent in. Incorrect Spot Elevations Shown When Sizing Pipe...
1 week ago
Jake, I just checked the irrigation preference set and it showed l/m for flow and bars for pressure so there is no issue with this. I did replace the equipment and it sorted out the drip valves but today I have same issue with the tree valves...

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