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An AutoCAD toolset specifically for outdoor lighting designers. Error-free plans on time – every time.

Lighting design made easy.

Spec from manufacturers' latest catalogs without leaving CAD. Place fixtures, transformers, panels, and other equipment, and lay wire. Calculate an electrically sound system instantly and automatically.

Manufacturer Content

Build an equipment inventory from our rapidly expanding, constantly updated cloud database. Browse listings from the industry's top manufacturers.

From trusted manufacturers to your plan

Select the equipment you need, then lay it out in your site plan – it couldn't be simpler.

Fixtures and Transformers

Choose products from top lighting manufacturers. Dial in your exact needs and preferences.

Fixture Configurations

Choose your finish, color temperature, beamspread, and accessories.

Transformer Selection

Review power rating, protection, and output tap values.


Choose from an extensive, constantly expanding library of equipment symbols, or use your own. Quickly add notes and other custom options as needed.

Assign Details

Associate your component with a detail, then list that detail in your lighting schedule.

Learn More from the Manufacturer

Quick links to see more information about this product on the manufacturer’s website.


Access more than 250 lighting symbols (and counting), or use your own.

Fixture Placement

Position your fixtures using all the Land F/X placement tools you love, such as Copy along Polyline, Line, and Arc. IES data displays light throw for direction and distance.


Instantly group fixtures into zones throughout your plan to split up power distribution and ensure balanced power draw.


Specify wires by type and gauge, then connect the dots.

Wire Definition

Dial in color and linetype settings for each wire, material, and type.

Wire Information

Select a wire, then view all the data currently assigned to it. Make edits or additions on the fly.

Set Gauge Range

Choose the minimum and maximum wire gauges for your project. During electrical verification, the smallest appropriate gauge is chosen automatically.

Details and Description

Assign details to particular wires, and add any necessary notes.

Check for Errors

Don’t risk discovering electrical errors on site. Catch them early with the Verify tool, which highlights and color codes any errors in your layout, allowing you to correct them quickly.


See calculated electrical performance for each piece of equipment, and adjust your design as necessary on the spot.


With just a few clicks, place a lighting schedule listing all your equipment, including quantities and other data. Configure your schedule to display the data you want, organized how you want.

3D Render

Export your lighting plan to SketchUp in seconds. Your lights will retain their exact positions from your CAD plan. You can use the Twilight plugin for further rendering. Photometric data straight from manufacturers will remain attached to fixtures where available, allowing you to see light throw after installation.

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Our software tailors AutoCAD® to the needs of landscape architects, irrigation designers, and other professionals. We automate your most tedious tasks and ensure accuracy, giving you more time to design.

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