Local Data
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Local Data

We recommend Cloud Data for most offices but offer Local Data as an alternative where all your Land F/X data is stored on your server, laptop, or desktop.





Server (Multi-User)



  • MySQL database server housing all your Land F/X data is installed on your on-premise server, typically where you house your project DWG files.
  • You or your office IT administrator will be in charge of backing up and maintaining the server.
  • Your server can be virtual but not operated over a VPN.



  • Verify that a viable backup solution is in place.
  • Add a database dump to your server backup routine.
  • Need installation or connection help? Check our MySQL Knowledge Base.
  • We may require an extended support charge for installation or connection assistance involving MySQL or network issues.


Per our Land F/X Scope of Support, our technical support does not include management of your system, server, or network. If you need MySQL installed or removed, our team can assist with processes such as server migration or MySQL installation/configuration by remoting into a machine with a clean Windows install. If we run into MySQL issues during these services, such as the MySQL Service failing to start on your computer and/or server, we may require a Windows reinstall before we provide continued support. Similarly, if we attempt unsuccessfully to get MySQL running with a data file from your old server, we may require you to start with a blank database and simply import backups.




Laptop (Single-User)



  • You're welcome to use Land F/X and F/X CAD on your laptop as a secondary Single-User (Standalone) install.
  • SQLite database library storing all your Land F/X data locally is installed on your laptop.
  • You can choose Cloud Data or Local Data.



  • Include the folder C:/ProgramData/LandFX with all backups of your system.
  • SQLite is a simple yet robust library, allowing our standard technical support to address most issues. Only the most dire and rare failures might require an extended support charge (and switching to Cloud Data can almost always resolve these issues).
  • Your data will be stored locally, but you'll still need Internet access for downloading content.

  • The entire SQLite database library is handled via our Workstation installer, making it easy to remove and reinstall if needed.



A Local Data install on your laptop will technically allow you to work remotely with no Internet access but will still be extremely limiting. We recommend tethering your laptop to your mobile phone. Also, the process of carefully copying your Land F/X data back and forth between office and laptop can be challenging, as opposed to the more seamless process of using Cloud Data.





Why choose Local Data

You might want Local Data if:




Your office has slow or unreliable Internet, or you're in a remote location without a good Internet option



You might choose not to renew your Land F/X license(s)*

*Your Land F/X installation will still function and you'll retain your Land F/X data, but you'll lose access to new content, weekly updates, the ability to suggest new features, and our top-notch technical support.






Keep in mind:

Local Data is a viable option for both server and laptop installations – especially if you have little to no Internet access.

All Land F/X content will be delivered via the cloud but will require minimal Internet access once downloaded. Local Data will not entirely remove the need for Internet access.

IT administration will be required on your end.

Our SketchUp, Rhino, and Revit plugins require Cloud Data and do not support Local Data.





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