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Throw out your old catalogs.

Landscape plans with manufacturer products

We've digitized them for instant specification.

Brand names, complete performance data and pre-assigned symbols – all built into our ever-expanding database.

Manufacturers play a critical role in the development of the Land F/X software by providing a resource for fast and efficient product specification. No longer do designers need to spend valuable time researching products. Instead, all the resources they need are readily available at any time within the Land F/X Manufacturer Connection.


Manufacturer catalogs in our database


Products & specs in our database


Years working with manufacturers in our field

  • "We can finally get rid of all the product catalogs cluttering up our desks. Land F/X has built in all of the symbols and catalog data from most of the major manufacturers, and the Internet connectivity to product data is priceless."

    Shannon Karlson

    BMLA, Inc.

  • "The convenience given by Land F/X Manufacturer Connection has revolutionized the way we put together construction documents and specify products. If a manufacturer isn't in the system, we don't spec them."

    Ed Dalton


  • "The easier we make it to spec our products, the more likely designers are to use our product – and the better chance we have to be seen by other designers. I truly believe that if we were not in Land F/X, we would not be specified as often as we are."

    Mike Baron

    Toro Irrigation

  • "In terms of my general experience as a Supporting Manufacturer with Land F/X, it has been very good. This is more than just being incorporated into a design tool. I think the marketing aspect of it has been very enlightening."

    Norman Bartlett

    President of Creative Sensor Technology

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